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Updated: Apr 24

Winsted's Crazi Tart Cherry Juice

Crazi is SO excited to be debuting a new product, hand picked by our registered dietitian, Kennedy! Kennedy is CRAZI about TCJ. Here is some expert advice about what it is, when to use it, & lots and lots of the research (if you've ever talked to Kennedy, you know she loves to read research).

Tart cherry juice is one of the most incredible “supplements” on the market right now. Remember, as a dietitian, my approach to improving any athlete’s or individual’s diet comes from using whole foods first and filling in the gaps with supplements, IF we need to. Tart cherry juice is an absolute game changer for anyone with sore muscles, inflammation, trouble falling or staying asleep, and SO much more.

My athlete’s use it to recover more quickly, prevent extreme muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. My older clients use it for their arthritis and sleep benefits, and my everyday athletes use it for all of the above!

If you’re someone who will be in the garden this summer, this is a key for preventing sore hands.

Cherbundi can be taken at any time of the day, but for the best results for inflammation, muscle soreness, and recovery, take it immediately following a workout. I dare you to try it, your soreness will be severely minimized. I give you my word.

In regards to muscle recovery, marathon runners using TCJ averaged 13% faster half-marathon finish times, had less muscle damage and recovered more quickly ( Marathon runners who practiced taking TCJ for the 5 days before their marathon experienced faster recovery of strength (

If you take it right before bed (about 30 minutes-1 hour), you'll notice improved sleep. Tart cherries naturally produce melatonin (our sleepy hormone) when consumed & digested by the human body. Research shows those who take tart cherry juice before bed increased sleep by up to 90 minutes per night while also falling asleep more quickly! A group of healthy adults who drank TCJ once a day for 7 days saw increased sleep by 40 minutes and had up to 6% better sleep.(

We now have 8oz bottles located in our grab & go for you to pick up before or after practice, games, gardening, or whatever strenuous activity you’re up to! If you’ve got any questions, you can find Kennedy around the store Wednesdays through Fridays or via email:

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