Air Plants, literally, get majority of their nutrients from the air around them. They make a unique table centerpiece or a fun desk accessory. 



Air Plant

  • First Things First: When you first get your Air Plant you should soak it for 15 minutes and then allow it to dry completely, while upside down. Give it a kind shake while upside down to ensure that there isn't any trapped water inbetween the leaves. As soon as it is fully dry, no cheating, flip over the Air Plant and place it in it's new home. 

    Note: It is natural for the smaller bottom leaves of the Air Plant to dry up while in transit, it is okay to remove them as long as you are kind when doing so. 


    Continued Care: Air Plants need to be watered according to the weather. Mist and soak more often if it is hot and dry, and less often when it is cold, dark and/or damp. Larger varieties of Air Plants like to be soaked and smaller varieties do fabulous with just a good misting. Generally, the best way to care for your Air Plant is to give them a 15 minute soak once a week. Always allow them to dry completely before placing them back in their home or mold will start to appear. Air Plants should not be placed in soil, they are happiest in bright, indirect sunlight and require good air circulation, so please don't keep it in your pocket or purse. 


    A great way to tell wheter or not your Air Plant is thirsty is by the curvature of the leaves. They will curl inwards as they are getting thirsty. Their roots are only there for anchoring them as they grow, but are not necessary to maintain, they can be trimmed down with a scissors, don't worry you won't hurt it. If the tips of the leaves begin to dry out, it may be a sign that your Air Plant is getting too much direct sunlight, these may also be clipped kindly. 


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